Jo Malone English Fields Event

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a Jo Malone London English Fields launch event last weekend and after the amazing time I had last Autumn I just could not resist seeing what new fragrances would be on offer. This event was all about the new limited edition English Fields range, which consists of 5 new scents. As usual for Jo Malone, this can also be paired with another scent to create something beautiful and bespoke.

jo malone english fields fragrance

Photo Credit: The Brightoner


The thing I love most about going to these events is that you get a real background to the collection and we were talked through each scent individually. We started with Poppy & Barley as this is what the visuals for this campaign incorporate and behind the one I eventually picked to try, this was my favourite. It just had a really cheery smell, without being overpowering, also standing out as a favourite amongst the group.

For me though, it was all about the Honey & Crocus. This was the sweetest of the 5, which suits me perfectly, but what I found really special about this scent was that it wasn’t sickly sweet. The description for this was a “mouth-watering honey, fresh from the beehive. Blended with the bright bloom of crocuses and English lavender. Sweetened with a dash of almond milk. Rich. Comforting. Scrumptious.” I think scrumptious is a really good description for it. The almond milk used within it also gave the slightest hint of marzipan and anything that reminds me of this gives it an extra boost in my book!


Photo Credit: The Brightoner


After picking our favourite scent, we then got the opportunity to pair them with another Jo Malone fragrance in a luxurious hand and arm massage which is always such a lovely and relaxing experience. After a few recommendations I decided on the Nectarine Blossom & Honey which together created a a really beautifully rounded, sweet smell. I love how fragrances really play into memories, this particular reminded me of days spent in the countryside as a child.

I haven’t even talked about the bottles yet. The bottle designs for this collection are a thing of beauty – Primrose & Rye being my personal favourite. The colour palettes for these could not be more spot on and as obviously beautiful the classic design is, it’s nice to have something a bit different every once in a while. I particularly love how the design plays with the smooth and rough textures on the bottle, as it keeps it so much more interesting than just being separate colours. I’d definitely have all five in a heartbeat as each scent and bottle is beautiful in its own way.



I had such a wonderful afternoon catching up with everyone, plus meeting lots of new faces. The Wild Mint Cafe also provided some amazing treats for us to enjoy along with lots of bubbly! If this wasn’t enough, one of the makeup artists from Bobbi Brown came down and gave tips and trick for creating the perfect spring look, creating some beautiful looks on loads of the girls.

We also got a tutorial on how to create the classic Jo Malone bow on a lovely box of treats containing a cologne, body wash & body creme we were given to take away. I love wrapping, so this sort of thing always really excites me. Our bags were even finished with a stunning ceramic tag that matched in with the smooth/rough bottle design which were each personalised with our initials. I just cannot wait to find a home for it and give myself the full Jo Malone treatment at home!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed this post about the new English Fields collection – as it’s limited edition it won’t be around for ever so I’d snap it up fast if you don’t want to miss out. And finally just a massive thank you again to everyone at Jo Malone for the wonderful afternoon and Katie for helping to organise everything.

Eliza x

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