Did Paperless Post just change everything!?

When the lovely guys over at Paperless Post got in touch asking if I’d like to try out and write up a review of my experiences using their services, I just couldn’t resist. As a company they were already known to me, as I’ve lusted over their gorgeous designs many a time, but never quite got around to trying it out, so it presented itself as the perfect opportunity!

In case you don’t know, Paperless Post is a digital card company where you can send out invites, thank you cards, greeting cards, notes to say hello etc etc… all to your nearest and dearest through email. However, instead of a cold wall of text, recipients get a gorgeously designed animation of an envelope opening and a card appearing from within. I feel like it’s so perfect for that last minute get-together where you want to make it special, but don’t necessarily have enough time to send something in the post. You also get an amazing tracking system where you can see if people are attending and send messages, which I know you can do on Facebook. This, however, just feels so much more grown up and fancy. I feel like people can get a bit flaky with stuff on Facebook whereas it’d be pretty rude to not to turn up to something like this.

paperless post kate spade designs review

paperless post brunch eggs review

It’s also perfect for those post-celebration thank you cards. Hopefully it’s not just me that despite my best intentions, never gets around to saying thank you as quickly as I would like. It gets done in the end, but with Paperless Post it’s made so much easier and more personal than a text. It’s such a nice alternative for sending a message you usually would digitally, but giving it that little bit more flair.

I can’t wait to send more and more of these in the future. I’m particularly excited about exploring the Kate Spade and Rifle Paper ranges as both are just some serious design goals. They’ve also just released a gorgeous little kids party range with Meri Meri that is just too sweet. To top it all off, each Paperless Post invite is also customisable with a huge range of classy fonts, available in different sizes and colours. You can even change the design of the (digital) envelope liners that the invite appears from!

paperless post2

paperless post rifle paper designs review

I’ve been so impressed by Paperless Post, I definitely want to start using it more in the future. I’d love to know what you think of e-vites? As someone who adores print, paper and everything tactile I’ve been surprised by how much this has appealed to me, but I think that’d because I’d personally use it to replace things like Facebook events and not things I would usually send by post anyway. For me it’s just the perfect way to make something digital feel that bit more personal…

Eliza x

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