Time Flies…

Today’s post should probably have gone up before Halloween as all the photos are of pumpkins, but in my book it’s still O.K. to be Autumnal until Bonfire Night has passed. Also, this post isn’t really about pumpkins… it’s about TIME and how quickly it seems to be moving all of a sudden. I genuinely feel like it was still Summer basically a minute ago and now we’re plowing into November and Christmas is nearly upon us.

When I was younger people always told me that time sped up as you grew older. Of course I never really believed this, as you never do when you’re a kid, but this last year has flown by at such an unimaginable speed I feel rather taken aback. I have so much I want to achieve yet none of the time to do it. Stacks of notebooks litter my desk with ideas scrawled throughout them but only the few make it into my every day.

Time Flies Pumpkins Autumn November

I want to bake more. I want to create more. I want to make more.

I miss empty weekends and spontaneous projects. I feel like I spend half my life saving wonderful looking projects on Pinterest that I never get around to making or dreaming up exciting gift ideas I can never achieve. My mind is constantly on, ideas never failing me. It’s just finding the time. I kind of wish I’d known what I was passionate about when I was bit younger. I could have started sooner and these days it’s easy to feel like everybody has some sort of head start on me. Even now I sometimes struggle with exactly pinning down what my priorities are.

Time Flies Pumpkins Autumn November

Of course, we are currently trying to buy a house and plan a wedding, which has a lot to do with my lack of time I’m sure… and I wouldn’t give up these ‘projects’ for the world. The wedding particularly, is really giving me something to stick my teeth into. Plus, I cannot wait to get going with my interior ideas once we’ve finally moved into our first home. But I also often wonder whether I really can have everything I wish for in this future life? Can I bake every weekend? Will I find the time to create my own cushions?

Time Flies Pumpkins Autumn November

Who knows, I suppose. I may not be the superwoman I aspire to be, but I’m getting there and it’s always important to remember that.

Hope this wasn’t too much of a boring read. I think I just wanted to get my thoughts out there really and what’s the point of having a blog if I can’t do that every now and then?

Eliza x

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Photos taken at Rotate Pumpkin Patch, in case you’re interested. 


2 thoughts on “Time Flies…

  1. I love this post – probably because I feel the same as you about time.

    It feels like time moves too quickly to take time out to do anything we want to do and life is wasted doing nothing that makes us feel empowered or happy. I am also planning a wedding at the moment and it does take away that feeling for a little while (trust me I get so carried away with planning) but then the next minute three weeks have gone by and I have done nothing I enjoy.

    What helps for me is monthly goals. I did a creative writing degree and every month I set myself creative goals to aid me in hopefully going into a future career as an editor and making sure I write at least one poem a month. The other thing is setting the time aside. Write in a diary when you are going to take the day to just be creative or do the things you love. If they are scheduled in on a free day, you are more likely to take time out to do it. Like this weekend I have ‘read Wuthering Heights’ written in my diary, just so I know I wanted to do it and I can find time to do it. If not, time runs away with itself.

    I think the thing is to realise that we are still young, there is that time to stop and be creative. Take some time to make cushions and bake lots of different cakes because life does move quickly ironically and every moment counts. Plus baking brownies is just the best thing to do!

    Thank you for this post. I have had thoughts like this for some time now – it’s nice to know I am not alone! Also the photos are beautiful.

    Take care girly! X

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    • I’m so pleased you like the post and means such a lot you’d take the time to write such a lovely reply! It’s nice to know that other people feel this way too and not just me that feels love they’ve fallen into a time bubble or something!? I definitely hope to take some more time for the stuff I love, starting this weekend x x


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