Time to Capture Your Style

It’s been just over a year since I wrote my first blog post and flung it out into the world. In this time it’s become dearer to me than I ever could have imagined and I love the way me and my blog have grown together. I’ve discovered a whole world I had previously only scratched the surface of and my eyes have been well and truly opened. Recently, I’ve really wanted to up my Instagram game so after seeing this on basically every Instagram feed I follow, I used some of my ASOS A-LIST points to buy Capture Your Style, which promises to help you “transform your Instagram photos, showcase your life and build the ultimate platform”.

capture your style book flatlays song of style

First, can I just say what an absolutely gorgeous book this is, but then again it was always going to be. If you don’t follow Aimee Song on Instagram you can follow her here. Her Instagram is the perfect combination of fashion shots and flatlays which come together to tell a story as you look through the grid. Capture Your Style really doesn’t dissapoint.

It’s amazing how Instagram has become a bit part of my blog in a way I don’t think I could have comprehended at the beginning. It’s the easy way to give people in insight into your life that I really love about it. I can take snippets from my every day as well as my current blog posts and create something wonderful.

capture your style book flatlays song of style

Capture Your Style contains heaps of advice including everything from how to ask strangers to help you get the perfect shot to planning out your grid using clever apps on your phone. I feel like there’s a real emphasis on capturing you and the best ways to do this. I also really love some of the advice on photographing single outfit details and not always worrying about the whole look as although I’m trying to get better, I can be awfully awkward in front of a camera! It’s been nice to realise that not every shot has to have my face in it!

capture your style book flatlays song of style

It’s also helped me stop and think more carefully about my Instagram feed as a whole and the (for want of a better word) vibe of it! Rather than just a mis-match of random things, I now try and take a little bit more care in my order and hold off of too much repetition. It’s nice to think of Instagram as a little window into your world.

capture your style book flatlays song of style

Any budding bloggers out there that haven’t got this book, it really is a must-buy! But even if you’re not a blogger and are just interested in great photography and design it makes a really interesting case for the wonder that is Instagram.

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Eliza x

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7 thoughts on “Time to Capture Your Style

  1. I’ve seen so many bloggers with this book, and always wondered whether it was actually good or just used as a great blog prop🙈 So nice to actually read about the book! Definitely going to have to have a proper look into the book now💕

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