Brunch @ The Loft, Arundel

A couple of weekends ago Adam and I went for lovely walk in Arundel and it was the perfect opportunity to pop into one of my favourite brunch spots. The Loft is situated right at the top of a shop called Sparks Yard which sells all sorts of quirky homeware and hosts a menu of breakfast, brunch and lunch items from pancakes to burgers.

the loft sparks yard arundel milkshake

But first things first. What I really love about The Loft is the atmosphere. It always has a bit of a buzz about it, with customers and staff that are super friendly. On top of that I love the complete mix of people and generations you get in there as we were surrounded by a complete mixture from families with young children, to couples like us. I began my brunch with what any good brunch starts with, a vanilla milkshake.

the loft sparks yard arundel pancakes bacon

Next up it was pancakes. I’m still yet to try anything on their lunch menu as every time we go there I get suckered in my these bad boys. Stacked 5 high with a healthy drowning in maple syrup and you’re good to go. The pancakes here are always so fluffy, I just can’t resist them.

the loft sparks yard arundel english breakfast the works

the loft sparks yard arundel brunch

For Adam, it had to be The Works: Smoked back bacon, sausage, local free range eggs, vine cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, homemade rosti style hash brown & homemade baked beans. This is a definite quality over quantity number when compared to other cooked breakfasts but this only works to its advantage. The homemade baked beans are a particularly nice touch with a really fresh tomato taste.

the loft sparks yard arundel me

the loft sparks yard arundel breakfast close up

We polished it all off rather quickly and debated staying for cake for a bit but regrettably resisted! If you’re ever visiting Arundel (which I’d highly recommend anyway) this is definitely the perfect spot for a casual bite to eat.

the loft sparks yard arundel vanilla milkshake

I’ve already started scheduling in more ‘walks’ around Arundel just so I can come here more. I also saw on their website that they do also do Private Hire and I can imagine this being such a fun place for a birthday party!

Next time I go I’m going to try and venture onto the ‘Lunchy’ part of the menu and try the Veggie Bhaji Burger because I saw the table next to us with it and it looks AMAZING.

Until next time!

Eliza x

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