Don’t Faff Guide #2: One Thing at a Time

I’ve been a bit slow in writing the next set of these posts, but don’t worry they’re on the way! Today I want to talk a bit of a weird technique I use to help stop me faffing and make sure I get at least some of my goals achieved. I like to think I’m ambitious, which is great, but I’m also quite indecisive which means I end up with lots of different grand plans. Plans to open an online shop, plans to improve my blog, plans to start doing more crafts… I have lots of plans.

I’ve often faced the problem of when the weekend rolls around I have so many things I need to do that I end up doing none of them. I faff and procrastinate until the time has flown by and I’ve achieved nothing… If I just chose one of my plans to focus on I could really push some motivation into it. Not willing to give up any of my goals at the moment, I instead separate my notes and lists into different notebooks and planners. I have one for blog ideas and another for design sketches. I have a notebook for scribbling notes about home-life-jobs and another where I write down stuff related to work. I then use a planner to block out time for each of these different interests and being able to pick up the different sections of my life in notebook form and just carry on from wherever I last left it is so refreshing. No distractions, just whatever I’ve chosen to work on in this segment of blocked out time. I find this really helps me concentrate and get more done, but I will admit it does require a lot of notebooks…

IN A NUTSHELL: Do one thing at a time.

Eliza x

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