I Love You, 100 Reasons (The Book)

Love is in the air and wedding planning is on full go! I’m hoping to take you along with me every step of the way as there’s sure to be loads of DIY decorations and crafts to blog about. But for now, I wanted to share this book I made for Adam last year as all this lovey-dovey fun and creativity reminded me about it!

valentine book inside

I love you (100 reasons) is a book I created for Adam detailing 100 of the reasons why I love him… gross, I know. Some of them were sweet and lots of them were silly but it’s definitely one of my favourite gifts I’ve ever given someone. It felt really special spending so much time creating something unique and personal from complete scratch. It was also lovely to take a few months compiling the list on my phone, remembering little things when we were hanging out together and writing them all up with one reason featuring per page.

valentine flatly present idea

Most of the pages stuck to the same layout with a couple of variations throughout as I wanted the messages to be the stand out part. There’s only one page with any photos on it and that’s only because it’s about selfies! I also found it to be a really great experience as it’s easy when you’re in a relationship to start taking some of the little things for granted. Writing all the wonderful things about Adam down just confirms how lucky I am to have him. In fact I probably could have written more pages if I’d needed to!

i love you book

In case you were wondering, to create the book I used a company called Blurb who are amazing for one off projects like this one. What I really love about Blurb is you can use it for so many different projects. It can be for a one-off special something like this or you can create multiples and even sell them if you like! Adam and I have this grand plan to create a photo book for each of our holidays but it’s just something we haven’t gotten round to yet… one day though!

Anyway, I just wanted to have a little ramble really, about how excited I am to start planning our wedding and basically just how much Adam makes me laugh/I love him. Also, I can be a bit of a mushy one sometimes, hence the book, but shhh don’t tell anyone!

Eliza x

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11 thoughts on “I Love You, 100 Reasons (The Book)

    • You should! I had so much fun doing it and he really loved it! (Also, never too early – things like this take time!) Yeah, it was my favourite reason from the book so I just had to feature it 😂😂 x x

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