Don’t Worry, Bee Happy

We’ve all got dreams and goals and the only way to achieve them is to work hard and put in the effort. If I’m completely honest, this blog has taken up so much more of my free time than I think I could ever have imagined beforehand but I don’t regret it. If I didn’t love it I’d have quit a long time ago and 1 year on I’m feeling pretty happy about the progression I’ve made and how I have managed to streamline my content creation (to a certain extent). I guess I just want to say how proud I am of this blog and can’t wait to see where the future takes it.

But, it’s also so important to remember about getting some down time. I was over-working myself so much at one point that I completely burnt myself out which was no fun for me, my family and friends or good for the blog. Since then I’ve really been paying attention to making sure I have time just for me. I even took a few days off work just to lounge around in my pjs and watch Netflix all day. It might sounds like a waste of holiday, but it completely wasn’t. In fact I’ve felt more motivated than ever since this as I finally got some time to myself to really relax.

So today I really wanted to just highlight the importance of staying happy. I feel like this is the most important thing we can try and achieve and when we forget this that’s where it all goes wrong. So watch that Netflix show and take that bubble bath, you can always start agin tomorrow.

Eliza x

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