Bring out the Wedding Planner…

If you haven’t guessed yet… it’s begun. Wedding planning is on full go and I am loving it. I love to plan stuff anyway and this is kind of the ultimate occasion you can do this for. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of going Bridezilla but I’m probably not going to be a Bridechilla either (however much I’d like to be).

Everything about planning weddings/parties makes me so happy. I can’t wait to design the invites, I can’t wait to pick the colours and am obsessed with all the tiny details.

wedding planner the big plan

Luckily for me, our lovely friends Lauren & Jonny got us this absolutely gorgeous wedding planner for our engagement present. It’s filled with all sorts of cute pages to fill out with every detail from your budget to rough timelines for the day. I particularly love the page near the beginning where you draw out what your dream day looks like… although good old indecisive me isn’t quite sure what that is yet!

It’s made by a company called Illustries and is available at the ever wonderful Not on the High Street. I love how our version has the rose gold foiling for the letters, it’s a bit of a bloggers dream! They also do all sorts of other things like guest books and art prints, which I’ve definitely got my eye on.

wedding planner brides magazine

I have also inherited THE BIGGEST stack of wedding magazines and along with a few that I couldn’t help but sneakily buy whilst doing the weekly shop I now have quite the collection. I’ve started to cut out a few of my favourite things from all of them and have plans to create some mood board to help me really pin down the look and feel of the day.

wedding planner prince charming

This planner really is every bride’s best friend. So far we’ve mainly done budget stuff and what we think we’re going to spend on each section and just taking in all the cute advice on making sure we enjoy being engaged! I’ve definitely been making the most of using the word fiancé over the last few months!

I’m really excited to be taking you all along on this journey with me, although I’m going to need to work out how to talk about it all but still keep it spoiler free for guests! I’m sure I can work something out though!

Eliza x

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