Benefit Most Wanted Mascara Line-up Set Review

I love Benefit, you love Benefit, everyone loves Benefit… so when I got the Benefit Most Wanted Mascara Line-up set for Christmas (how long ago was that?!) I was over the moon. I’d used the BADgal lash before and had heard amazing things about Roller Lash so I was really excited to try this out. What I was really interested in though was being able to directly compare all 3 of their mascaras against each other… so without any more further-ado…

they’re Real Mascara, Primer & Eyeliner

Probably my least favourite of the 3 mascaras, the they’re Real lengthening mascara is very dark and dramatic, working best for an evening out. Despite being award winning, I didn’t find that it lengthened my eyelashes as promised. I also found that the short pointy bristles didn’t seem to agree with my eyelashes which ended up with them often getting clumped together. The tinted primer did help a bit, but nothing too drastic. With a bit a work I did find it gave me very black eyelashes but for me the effort was too much, especially as it didn’t seem to give much in terms of lift.

The they’re Real push-up eyeliner was a bit of an interesting one as I found it quite hard to apply. I just couldn’t get it to go on and when I did manage to, it would look a mess anyway. However, I must say that once I spent A LOT of time and got the stuff looking half presentable I did find it had really good staying power with no smudging whatsoever.

BADgal Lash

This mascara is a lot softer than the other 2 in the pack and doesn’t give you the dramatic edge I often look for in a mascara. However, if you’re looking for something to pop on for work or a casual Sunday brunch then this is the one for you. BADgal Lash gave me the most natural look of the 3 and really opened me eyes up to make them look larger which I loved. This is definitely great to have for those days when you don’t want to look really done up but also want to look like you actually have eyelashes… which is a problem when you have eyelashes as light as mine! I also found this worked quite well as a base before applying Roller Lash to help add some volume.

benefit most wanted mascara line up

Roller Lash

I’ve obviously left my favourite until last. I’d heard good things about Roller Lash so I was really keen to try it and I was pleasantly surprised that it managed to impress despite all the hype. It really did achieve a great lift and curl for my eyelashes, whilst not clumping together. It’s also my new favourite mascara for doing my bottom lashes as I find it separates them out really nicely without applying too much mascara and clogging them up. Roller Lash doesn’t quite give me enough volume to achieve favourite mascara status (Too Faced has this) but it’s definitely up there with the best, especially when used in conjunction with BADgal Lash.

It’s been really fun being able to compare the different Benefit mascaras against each other and this little set has been a great addition to my make-up collection. At £29.50 for the 5 (mini) products it’s also really great value if you wanted to try them all out or were looking for a selection of mascaras for a variety of occasions. It obviously also makes a great gift.

Let me know which Benefit mascara is your favourite in the comments and any tips on getting the push-up eyeliner to work better would be greatly appreciated!

Eliza x

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5 thoughts on “Benefit Most Wanted Mascara Line-up Set Review

  1. This is such an amazing post idea! Loved reading it:D I personally didn’t enjoy using the they’re real mascara 😦 but absolutely loved roller lash!

    ( i follow back).

    &&& i have a giveaway going on, it would be nice if you could check it out & maybe even enter xox

    ( )

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  2. It’s such a good idea to have a selection of mascaras for different occasions! I used to just stick to one but it makes sense to have a few options, especially in mini versions so that they don’t dry out too quickly! I love Benefit makeup but it can be a little hit and miss sometimes so it’s always great to read reviews! The Roller Lash one sounds lovely – I’m always after the lift and curl on my lashes! Thank you for sharing this ☺️ xxx

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    • Roller Lash was definitely the best of the bunch but it definitely is nice having them all there like you say! Thanks so much for reading – relieved to have posted on the blog for the first time in a month 🙈 back on it now though 💪 x x x


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