Papergang Box: January 2017

I haven’t done a review of my Papergang subscription for a couple of months now, but don’t worry I’m still a believer! Every box I’ve had so far has been such a joy and I still look forward to my new stationery goodies every month. January’s box was no exception to this with it containing some of my favourite items so far!

papergang subscription box january 2017

Firstly, I am obsessed with the main print for this months box. The racoon character is a personal favourite and I just love the illustrations by Hui Skipp that make up the pattern. The wrapping paper matched the box and is a beautiful teal colour. It’s also definitely too pretty to use…! The box also contained a hardback A4 notebook. This was my favourite item from the box as it’s really really sturdy and again uses the pattern I’m obsessed with.

papergang subscription january 2017

The riso printed calendar feels really rustic and woody this month. I still really need to get my hands on the mini clipboard for these though (I wasn’t a papergang member yet when it came with the box!)

There were also 2 greeting cards included in my Papergang box, which I think is the standard. One by David Olenick which features some bickering pretzels and another from Ohh Deer favourite Gemma Correll. This racoon/squirrel invite card really made my day when I saw it, I just found it so funny and adorable. It also broke my heart a little bit.


The last great addition to this box was a roll of teal and gold washi tape. Now, I love washi tape but it’s always the sort of thing I neglect to buy so this was a really pleasant surprise. I’m really looking forward to using this for all sorts of little bits of decoration – expect to see it coming to a present near you soon!

Papergang is still definitely my favourite piece of post each month. I love the variety of themes from month to month and you really do get so much for you money (£9.99 +shipping). If you’re interested in joining, the link is here.

Thanks so much for reading,

Eliza x

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8 thoughts on “Papergang Box: January 2017

  1. I love your photos! They are styled so nicely ☺️ I subscribed for the first time this month. It arrived yesterday and I am completely in love with everything in it. Scrolling through your blog makes me wish I’d subscribed sooner 🙈 did you get March’s box? 🎈💕✨

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