My January Favourites

Oh my, January has been a long month. To be honest I’m quite relieved it’s finally coming to an end. It’s been (and still is) cold outside but without a speck of fun snow to be seen. My bank balance is just about starting to look a bit happier and February is currently looking like it has the potential to be the best month of 2017! However, it’s not all been doom and gloom and I wanted to do a little round up of the things I’ve been loving.


My Fair Lady has got to be my all-time favourite musical (and it’s not just because the main character is called Eliza, I swear!) Audrey Hepburn is so beautiful and the songs range from exhilarating to hilarious. It’s old fashioned, granted, but I love the charm it has from the bromance of Henry Higgins & Colonel Pickering to the stunning Race Day outfits. After I was caught twirling round my bedroom to ‘I could have Danced all Night’ by my boyfriend Adam, I discovered HE HAD NEVER SEEN IT and being the wonderful man he is, promptly ordered the DVD for me (thanks Amazon Prime) and promised he’d watch it with me. It was one of my favourite evenings of the month, snuggled up watching this as it brings back so many great memories for me. It makes me feel like a child again and sometimes that’d exactly what you need.


I read somewhere on Facebook recently that the choker is dead. I’m sorry but I just don’t agree. I’m in love with this accessory at the moment and I don’t really care if I’m a year behind the times. The one I’ve chosen is from Topshop but I’m loving the whole range I seem to have acquired.

january favourites


This candle is just incredible. I love the cute lilac colour, I love the adorable tin in comes in and I love love love the scent. I find some candles take ages before you can really start to notice the fragrance but with these it fills the room so much quicker. I’m also a complete sucker for Lavender – call me an old lady, I don’t care! The best part though is how the lime really cuts through the lavender to create a much fresher scent and I just love being surprised by the genius pairing of two unlikely things. I’m excited to try more Lily-Flame Candles with the Bluebell Forest one next on my list.


Dry Shampoo must now be a staple on most girls dressing tables by now. It’s great for adding volume as well as reviving your second-day hair. I’ve tried a few of the different scents before but I usually find myself going back to Original Batiste but when I saw the Bare one, I thought it might be the one for me. I really love it because the scent is so subtle it really is barely there and has been put on the definite repurchase list for the future.


I got this in my Stocking for Christmas and have loved picking it up and reading the little gems inside. I have quite the soft spot for Dolly Parton and her hair so this has really made me chuckle. If you love Dolly you’ll love the Pocket Dolly Wisdom Book!

january favourites


Another present, this has made me smile so much this month. It’s from Sass & Belle and I’ve been keeping it next to my bed for my evening cups of tea where it’s been a constant reminder to… enjoy the little things! It’s so easy to get bogged down in the grand plan but simple joys are often the best and it’s important to not overlook them. Also, who doesn’t love a badger on a bike?

Hope you enjoyed this little round up – let me know if you did as I’m thinking about starting to do these every month!

Eliza x

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6 thoughts on “My January Favourites

    • I hadn’t watched it in ages until a few weeks ago and now I can’t get the songs out of my head! It really is so good! Yeah, Sass & Belle do such cute stuff but this has got to be one of my favourite things I’ve been bought from there! x x

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