The Don’t Faff Guide #1

I’ve been wanting to write a post about faffing for a while now, as it is the namesake of my blog but I’ve struggled with condensing everything I have to say into one post. So, I decided instead that I would create a little miniseries of blog posts all about my favourite pastime!

Faffing has plagued my life for many a year. I never seem to be ready when I’m meant to and I often end up in a right pickle, running around like a headless chicken. Planning is not the problem; optimism is. I majorly overestimate what I can get done and if I haven’t overestimated I usually cotton on to this pretty fast and then decide to cram more stuff in. I’ll decide I do have time to just finish reading that blog post or watching this youtube video… of course there’s enough time for my nails to dry… why wouldn’t this be a good time to try out a new eyeliner look… the list goes on and on. The worst part is that on the rare occasion I do find myself ready to leave 20 minutes earlier than expected I squander the time finding more stuff to do. I really am my own worst enemy.

don't faff

The first step to not faffing is having a solid plan. This means being realistic about yourself and what is achievable. If I want to play on my phone and drink tea while I get ready then I need to account for this and if I don’t have time I need to be much stricter with myself and get my jobs done first. Unrealistic goals only lead to feeling disheartened and disappointed (and usually in a bit of a fluster!) I just always seem to think I have enough time! By forcing myself to put aside more time than I feel I need and reducing the list of stuff that has to be done I find myself faffing a lot less as I focus more on the task in hand. Set yourself realistic goals where you can prioritise and focus on the important stuff first and you’ll be faffing less in no time.

TODAY’S TIP: Be Realistic.

Eliza x

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6 thoughts on “The Don’t Faff Guide #1

    • Thank you so much! Saw on your New Years resolutions that you’re just getting into blogging which is exciting!! Looking forward to reading your stuff in the future too! x


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