Ever since I was young I have adored Chanel. The effortless timeless chic nature associated with the brand is something I find quite magical and for years I have wished for some Chanel in my life. It all started with a lipstick when I was a teenager that I bought in duty free – I don’t think I’d ever felt so grown up. The legacy attached to the classic Chanel N°5; the beautiful bottle, the history made it almost irresistible to me in the past. However, the smell itself just wasn’t for me. So, when Chanel announced last year that they were going to be releasing a new version of the perfume, with a lighter airier feel for a younger and more modern audience I couldn’t contain my excitement.

Of course, perfume is a very personal thing. All I can really say is that for me Chanel N°5 L’Eau is perfect. It’s probably my favourite perfume ever. Sure, this is probably down to some of the things I’ve listed before like the bottle and the beautiful packaging but what I love most about it is the feeling it gives me when I put it on – like I can take on the whole world. I feel like this really sums up what a good perfume should do for you. It’s all about making you feel good.

Chanel N°5 L'Eau Perfume Review

The description of Chanel N°5 L’Eau on their website is pretty wonderful. It captures it much better than I think I ever could so I’ve included it here:

Less abstract than its forebears, the composition of N°5 L’EAU radiates citrus like sun-drenched honey. Top notes of lemon, mandarin and orange soar skyward with the aldehydes. Like a second wind, you can hear the rustle of flowers. Rose melds with airy jasmine and a new fraction of ylang-ylang, more modern than ever. Behind this floral whirlwind, vetiver and cedar impart a novel dynamism, softened by white musks notes. Never has N°5 been so natural. So fresh.

I wish I could afford for this to be my every day perfume but because of the price (£68.00 for 50ml or £96.00 for 100ml) it tends to be more for weekends/special occasions only. However, I must say that the quality is amazing with the fragrance lasting for hours and hours. I’d definitely recommend giving it a test next time you’re having a look. As for me, I’m in love.

Thanks so much for reading, do you have a perfume that you couldn’t live without?

Eliza x

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