Things I like to do in December

I think December has got to be my favourite month. Not much can beat Christmastime for me and I just adore the festive lead up to the holiday. For today’s blogmas post I thought I’d write a little list of the stuff I love to do in my favourite month.

Make (& Drink) Mulled Wine

‘Tis the season after all. There’s just nothing more Christmassy than a cup of this stuff with nothing warming me up more on a cold afternoon.

Winter Walks

Getting out and about in the countryside might seem a bit crazy when it’s so cold, but if you wrap up warm it’s a really beautiful time to take a wander. Grab those scarves, hats and mittens and put on your walking boots and try and get out while the frost still lays on the ground.

Visit London

Specifically, Christmas shopping in London. I just love the lights, the hustle and bustle and all the amazing window displays shops put on at this time of year. Must-do visits for me include Liberty & Selfridges, plus a wander up Oxford Street. Covent Garden has a real magical quality at this time of year too.

Watch Christmas Movies

Nothing cheers me up more than a Christmas film. I have a list of my favourites coming up later in blogmas, but to be honest there aren’t many Christmas films I don’t like. Huddling up on the sofa with a cozy blanket and a cheery film is the best way to get anybody into the Christmas spirit and I make sure to watch a whole selection during December.

Eat (Everything)

There’s never any doubt that I’m going to be putting on a little bit of weight over Christmas, but the best bit of this is that I don’t even care. In January I can work hard to get back on track again, but there’s only one Christmas. Pretty much as soon as the 1st December hits you can use the beautiful excuse of “Well, it is Christmas isn’t it…” to justify most things and I’m already taking full advantage.

Ice Skating

I find a trip to an ice rink and a quick clumsy skate the perfect weekend activity in December. It makes a nice break from all of the hectic shopping and is sure to bring some laughter whoever you go with. The ice rink at Somerset House is particularly beautiful and you cannot beat the back drop of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.


This one will probably seem a bit obvious if you’ve been keeping up to date with my previous Blogmas posts but I become a bit obsessed with baking the minute December rolls around. Whether it’s just whipping up some Honeycomb or assembling some Mince Pies, nothing brings me more joy than baking at this time of year. Having those amazing smells coming form the kitchen are such a big part of Christmas for me and you just can’t beat something homemade.

Thanks so much for reading and hope you enjoyed my favourite things to do in December. I would love to know what your favourite things to do are! let me know in the comments!

Eliza x

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3 thoughts on “Things I like to do in December

    • I think I forced myself into liking Mulled Wine 😂 Definitely takes a bit of getting used to! Mulled Cider makes a good alternative! Thanks so much for you lovely comments! x


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