Selfridges Christmas Windows 2016

Little known fact: I love a Christmas window. One of my favourite things to do in December is wander around London looking at all the wonderful displays. This year Selfridges really grabbed my attention with their Disco Santa. He just looks like he’s having the best time and was a nice spin on the usual Father Christmas we’re used to seeing.

The sauna window is my favourite as it’s just so glam – is it crazy to be jealous of a mannequin!? I also just want every product in it – so many gorgeous beauty pieces. I’m falling more and more in love with these glittery make-up pouches the more I look at them.

selfridges christmas windows 2016

I just love how happy Disco Santa looks. He’s so very very glam. Even his Christmas Pudding is a Disco Ball – I feel like this Santa knows how to party. I really like the idea of once Christmas has been and gone Santa can let his hair down a bit and have a bit of fun! The windows are really visually stunning. The more you look at them the more details you tend to notice. I’m obsessed with the sheer extravagance of it all.

selfridges christmas windows 2016

selfridges christmas windows 2016

selfridges christmas windows 2016

selfridges christmas windows 2016

Anyway, these were some of my favourite windows from Selfridges this year – they just really made me smile. I mean, how cute are the fawns wearing headphones!? I always wonder at the amount of time and effort these take as well, they’re like their own little art pieces.

Does anyone else love the Christmas windows as much as I do? Also, thanks for reading Blogmas #6 – we’re a quarter of the way there!

Eliza x

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5 thoughts on “Selfridges Christmas Windows 2016

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  2. You really do love your Christmas windows! We haven’t dared to enter central London yet but we will to visit the lights and windows – super cute and exciting! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James |


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