The Magic of the Liberty Christmas Department

It just isn’t Christmas if I haven’t been to Liberty. I love going to visit Liberty any time of year of course, but there’s something truly special about it at Christmas time. Their Christmas section remains my absolute favourite year after year and I don’t have any other words to describe why than it just feeling special. Firstly, Liberty really lends itself to that cozy Christmas feeling and the narrow walkways and mock tudor style of the building always evoke a certain nostalgia. I love the way you have to walk up to the top of the store to reach the Christmas section. I love having to awkwardly waddle past people clutching baubles. I love how the department is never really big enough and I spend most of my time worrying I’m going to knock everything over.

liberty london christmas departmentliberty london christmas departmentliberty london christmas department

On top of this, I genuinely think their selection of baubles is the best I’ve ever seen. The different coloured sections to match in with each theme make it such a joy to walk around and this year was no exception. My mum has visited and collected baubles from Liberty for as long as I can remember, steadily building up her collection over a decade with the first lot mixed in amongst some homemade ones. I remember when I first moved out and had my first Christmas and my mum took me to Liberty to buy my own special decorations. I now make sure I go back every year to add to my collection (my tree is currently golds and silvers like hers!)

liberty london christmas department

I have this grand plan where one day when I have children I will start again from scratch with a completely multi-coloured tree. This way they’ll be able to pick random baubles to their hearts content, whilst I can keep my gold and silver tree just for me. I know it’s pretty greedy to want 2 trees, but this is in the distant future so I’m allowed to dream! Very content with my one tree for now.

liberty london christmas department bauble

If there’s one Christmas department you visit this year, this should be the one. Liberty just has a way of making the place feel magical. Even if you don’t need any decorations, this is guaranteed to get you in the Christmas mood.

Let me know in the comments where your favourite place to buy your Christmas decorations is! Do you love Liberty as much as I do!?

Eliza x

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12 thoughts on “The Magic of the Liberty Christmas Department

    • It really is so pretty! You should go look around even if you don’t buy anything – I just feel so Christmassy afterwards! The haberdashery department is also lovely if you like that sort of thing! #sopinterest x


  1. It looks so, so festive! Ahaha I love that you want both a fun kids’ tree and a chic one! It’s so nice to collect baubles over the years; my mum always talks about her favourite one with ice-skaters on from when she was little! This post really makes me want to visit Liberty! xx

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    • One day I’ll have my 2 trees haha! You should definitely go it’s super pretty. And I love that your mum had a favourite Christmas decoration that’s super sweet! x x


  2. Looks amazing!!! I’ve never been but have wantes to for the longest time!! We go to this hige garden centre called ruxley manor at Christmas time, its amazing!! They have reindeer and a grotto, a christmas market, madsive light displays, an ice rink and everything!!! The decorations there are amazing, I spend hours walking around looking at everything!

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