Papergang – Oct 2016

My second ever Papergang box arrived the other week an it’s safe to say I was pretty excited. The theme for October was animals and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Even the box itself is covered int the cutest animal illustrations, with the contents inside matching in perfectly.

papergang october box - animal stationery

Apart from the Gemma Correll Greeting Card (which I cannot wait to send to someone) everything else in this box is illustrated by Maddy Vian. I wasn’t familiar with any of her work before this box but after a quick google and peruse of her instagram, it’s safe to say I’m a fan! I haven’t had many Papergang boxes yet, but this one is definitely going to be hard to beat.

papergang october box - animal stationery

By far my favourite item in the box is this adorable woven patch of Finley the Sausage Dog. I have NO idea what I’m going to put him on yet and is for sure not stationery but I really don’t care – he’s just that great.

papergang october box - animal stationery

Next up we have the 2 notebooks and 1 notepad. As you probably know, I’m obsessed with notebooks and these 2 are no exception. I particularly like the one with the Scottish Terrier on the front because it instantly reminded me of Jock from Lady and the Tramp. I’m also a really big fan of the smiling fish on the other notebook. All the animals are great obviously, but the smiling fish makes me want to smile too.

I really love the addition of a notepad here as well (again featuring Finley the Sausage Dog) as I often find these even more useful than notebooks. I seem to get through notepads like they’re going out of fashion. The only problem I see with this one is it’s almost too cute to use!

papergang october box - animal stationery

Last from Maddy Vian we have an amazing sheet of wrapping paper which has so many little details on it I haven’t even spotted them all yet. It wasn’t until I was importing the above photo that I saw the little mouse running along the green tube!

papergang october box - animal stationery

The riso printed calendar for November also includes some of the Maddy Vian illustrations which is a really nice addition. I missed out on the Papergang box with the clipboard for these but am thinking of buying it soon so I can really appreciate these fully. I also just want to sing the praises of the Cappugccino Card – I’ve seen this online previously and was definitely on my card wishlist. I’m also just a big fan of Gemma Correll in general.

papergang origami

Lastly, the origami for this month is a cute yellow version of Finley the Sausage Dog. I haven’t made it yet because I’ve been so busy but I’ve included the cute little instructions you get on the box. These are designed by Daniel Randle and are such a nice addition each month.

So, there you go. Hope you’ve enjoyed my review of the latest Papergang box. If you were interested in starting your own subscription you can do so here. I’m already excited for my next one! Please leave your comments about what you think! Are you as much of a stationery nut as I am?

Eliza x

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18 thoughts on “Papergang – Oct 2016

  1. This looks so so lovely. I’m on the hunt for some monthly subscription boxes which could make really nice Christmas presents, and this has definitely helped. How adorable is the little Finley!? I think I’m like you, buying new stationary is such a joy, and then I get home and am so hesitant to use any of it haha! Can’t wait to see what you receive in the future.

    Chloe xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do have a little collection of notebooks forming but am working my way through them steadily! I’m already excited for next month although this will be hard to top! x


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