The Bloggers Hub X BWB London Event 22.10.16

This Saturday I went to my first ever blogging event, hosted by The Bloggers Hub in association with Bloggers Who Brunch. It was in this amazing Soho apartment just off of Oxford Street and I just had the best time! I was a little bit nervous beforehand as I’d never been to anything like this before, yet alone on my own, but once I got there I felt instantly relaxed. Everyone was really really lovely and it was so nice to find out about everybody’s blogs and talk about our individual passions.


Now, one of my personal highlights has got to be the yay balloon! Honestly, I just love a balloon. This one was also so great for everyone to pass around and get photos with – the perfect blogger event accessory! Biggest regret of the day – didn’t get many photos of all of the other bloggers! I think I got so distracted by all the instagrammable stuff…! I realised when I got home if you look through my images I could have been in a room on my own… but I promise there were loads of other people there!  There are a few pictures of me floating round twitter that others took though so not a complete loss.

thebloggershub cupcake

The best thing about the event for me was how easy it was to start chatting to people. I’ve always been quite shy but in recent years I’ve realised that I just need to take these opportunities or you’ll never know what could have happened. Any fears I had were immediately demolished and it’s really shown me what a welcoming and supportive community blogging can be. It wasn’t a struggle to chat to people at all and I really really enjoyed the whole thing!


The table full of Lola’s Cupcakes was a really nice touch (you know we all love a cupcake) and my favourite part of this was how considerate everyone was to not eat any before pictures could be taken! The apartment itself was just so nice as well and the whole place worked so well at encouraging people to mingle and chat. WAH nails were also there and all the nails I saw coming away from them looked so cute.

thebloggershub cupcake

Obligatory photo of myself with the the yay balloon (and hair in my face)…

me with yay balloon

…and that’s a wrap!

Thanks so much to The Bloggers Hub & BWB for arranging such an amazing afternoon. Can’t wait for the next one.

Eliza x

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11 thoughts on “The Bloggers Hub X BWB London Event 22.10.16

  1. Sounds like a wonderful event; perhaps it is just me but I have noticed that the UK seems to have more events for bloggers vs. the United States which seems more so to highlight video content more…but that may just be what I have seen thus far. On another note, the cupcakes look great.


      • Perhaps so and/or many people have not pushed to create events as such; hopefully something that will change over the next few years…blogging is IN…in my book at least. I bet!

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