Skincare Favourites: Clinique Review

One of the biggest changes I’ve made to my life in the last year is starting a proper skincare routine. I’ve never had awful skin but since I started caring for my skin properly it just feels so much healthier and when I do get a spot it disappears so much quicker. Today, I’ve written a little post about my skincare routine and some of my favourite products.


I’ve always had a problem around the creases of my eyes, where they get really dry and it makes my make-up go all cakey. As I buy most of my skincare from Clinique, last time I was at the counter I asked if they had anything that could help. This eye cream has been so amazing for helping with this, I can’t even describe what a difference it has made. You need such a small amount as it’s so rich and I usually just rub it in the outer corners and underneath the eye. It also feels pretty grown-up, owning specific eye cream.


As I don’t have very oily skin I use the Liquid Facial Soap (Mild)Clarifying Lotion and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ from the 3 Step Skin Care System. I can’t rave enough about how much this has improved my skin over the last year. The Facial Soap froths up really nicely and when you follow with the Clarifying Lotion it leaves your skin feeling oh-so-fresh! The moisturiser is also really lovely and sinks into the skin quickly without leaving it feeling sticky.

This in particular has really changed the health of my skin. It did get worse before it got better though. I’m just so grateful that after about 3 weeks, I went back into the Clinique counter at Boots and asked what was going on! The lady was so helpful at explaining everything and suggesting I try and hold out! After a couple of months of using the 3 Step Skin Care System my skin was better than it ever had been. I only wish I’d started sooner!


I got this as a mini tester pot the other day and it has been completely revolutionary for taking my make-up off at the end of the day. It’s really lightweight and transforms from a solid balm to a silky, fluid oil when you apply to your face. It completely cuts through your make-up and leaves your skin feeling lovely once you’ve rinsed it off. I’ll definitely be buying a full size pot when I run out – I actually love it!


This is another really nice eye cream that comes in a really cute bright tube. I use this one when I’m a bit low on sleep as it really perks you up. I find it really does brighten around my eyes and reduces any puffiness. It also makes a really nice base for make-up and helps stop it creasing around the eye.


I love this make-up remover as it gets absolutely all of my mascara off in one go and is just so gentle on my eyes it’s amazing! What I really love about these is it often comes in the little free sets you get from Clinique so I barely ever have to buy it!

Hopefully this has been helpful and thanks so much for reading! Any other recommendations in the comments would be lovely.

Eliza x

8 thoughts on “Skincare Favourites: Clinique Review

    • No I’ve not tried it! Might have to give it a go now just to see what I think now haha! Glad you liked the recommendations. I’ve not tried their sonic brush either so will have to give that a go! x

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