Papergang: September 2016

A few weeks ago I subscribed to Papergang: a Monthly Stationery Subscription Box. Just under a week ago it finally turned up (they get sent out towards the end of every month) and I thought I’d share all the goodies that came inside!

Firstly, I LOVE this as a concept for a subscription box. I’ve wanted to sign up to something like this for forever, but nothing ever jumped out at me as the perfect one. That was until Papergang, as there probably isn’t much I love more than stationery. What’s even better is that it’s created by Ohh Deer who sell all sorts of quirky illustrated gifts and cards and just general nice stuff.

papergang september

Each month has a different theme and for September it was ombre. This meant the box, weekly planner notebook and calendar were all tied into this theme which is very very pretty. I genuinely loved everything I got in my box, which is always a good start to any ongoing subscription! The only change I would (and have) made is the remove the plastic sleeve from the weekly planner as it’s just not my style.

A stand out item from the box is the Stop Procrastinating Post-it-Notes. Considering the name of this blog and my major tendencies to dilly dally, I couldn’t have been sent a better item. I envision these being stuck up all over the flat for months and months to come!

The Hedgehugging card by Sophie Corrigan is just really really sweet. My favourite of the 2 though is probably the Birthday Birds one, which is illustrated by Hannah Melin. I adore how it combines such a fun selection of bright colours and find the scratchy birds super endearing. As a birthday card it’s probably also the more useful of the two.

papergang september cards

The Zoological Gift Wrap was another favourite as cute colourful animals wearing party hats are frankly impossible not to love. I am also such a fan of gift wrapping in general that anything like this was always going to excite me. If I’m honest though, I probably won’t use it to wrap any presents as I kind of want to just keep it for myself! Gift wrap these days can be so pretty, sometimes it’s seriously worth framing and hanging up in amongst an eclectic gallery wall, at the fraction of the cost of a proper art print.

zoological gift wrap

At £9.95 +shipping this monthly box is really good value and the perfect little surprise to turn up through your letterbox. What I particularly love is how surprisingly practical it is, as things like cards and stationery are always going to be useful and sometimes finding time to shop for every birthday is hard. I’m already so excited about my next box and finding out the next theme, but I guess I just have to wait! If you’re interested in subscribing to Papergang, you can do it here.

papergang september

Thanks for reading – let me know what your favourite items are in the comments!

Eliza x

6 thoughts on “Papergang: September 2016

  1. Hey, I know this was a while ago, but I bought the planner online yesterday and didn’t even see the plastic part until after I bought it. I’m just wondering if it’s easy to take off? x

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