Gift Wrap Essentials

One of my biggest passions in life has got to be gift wrap. In fact, I keep a few boxes of gift wrap and accessories stored away for whenever a last minute gift needs that extra sparkle. I find it really helps show the recipient that you put thought into their gift and adds to their anticipation of opening it. Plus, I just love a pretty present! I’ve compiled a list of my essentials below…

gift wrap essentialsMY GIFT WRAP ESSENTIALS

Wrapping Paper
Tissue Paper
Clear Tape
Plain Kraft Tags
Craft Punch
Letter Stamps
Mini Pom Poms
Mini Pegs

A combination of these and you have all the ingredients for wrapping any present. I’ve put all the obvious ones in there (Sellotape, Scissors etc.) but have also included some of my favourite things I use to accessorise my gifts. Letter Stamps in particular are so lovely for using on gift tags or the present itself, whilst crafty items such as pom poms, glitter, bells and mini pegs help make it extra special.

ribbon bundle


I think I’d consider ribbon to be the most important part of gift wrapping. It can add so much to the present and is such a simple thing to do. The best part is there’s such a huge variety of ribbon out there from shops like Paperchase, Hobbycraft etc. but my TOP TIP would be to also visit your local haberdashery. Here you’ll be able to pick up some really luxurious ribbon at prices that are usually cheaper than gift wrap focussed shops. It also means you can get your ribbon in much longer lengths than the standard 2/3m which is a lifesaver for larger presents. You can then cut your ribbon to fit each present and it reduces waste. Tiger is also really good at giving you great value when it comes to their velvet ribbons and my coloured twines from there were super cheap and aren’t running out anytime soon. These are amazing for adding just a little touch, especially when paired with a casual kraft paper.

tissue paper


You can never have too much tissue paper. It’s so useful for everything from ruffling it up to plump out a gift bag to adding an extra layer for those special delicate items. It can also be utilised in so many ways to add fun to your parcels, with confetti-like pieces exciting children and adults alike. Tissue paper can also often be used instead of wrapping paper to great effect as it tends to be more forgiving on awkward shapes. It also looks super cute with some pom poms glued to it!

gift wrap

I’m planning on doing some tutorials sometime soon, but for now I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on my gift wrap essentials and selected favourites!

Eliza x

7 thoughts on “Gift Wrap Essentials

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    • Glad you liked the post! (I’m a bit obsessed with gift wrap haha!) At the moment I’m just itching to go to all the shops and look at their Christmas wrapping stuff!! Kind of jealous you’re planning to make your own though – maybe I’ll be inspired to as well! x


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