September Means Stationery!

Welcome to my September Stationery Haul!

For me, September means it’s new stationery season – it always reminds me of going back to school. I just loved it when my mum would take me to WHSmith and I’d stock up on a monstrous amount of smelly gel pens, notebooks and novelty erasers. With this in mind, every September I make sure to treat myself to a little splurge on new stationery for the year and I’ve selected my favourites to share with you!

postcard and pencils

First are these Bright Ideas Neon Colored Pencils. These have got to be one of my favourite things at the moment. I actually got these as part of a big exciting gift box of goodies for my birthday. The colouring pencils are so bright, they’re amazing. On top of that, they also have adorable names emblazoned on the side of them, like ‘peachy keen’ and ‘firefly’ – so cute!

The gift box also included the ‘Say it with a Puffin’ Postcards. If you don’t know, I am also OBSESSED with postcards and it’s just so handy having a box of 50 cards with greetings ready for any occasion. I’m also really excited because the colouring book trend isn’t something I’ve yet had the chance to try and this combines it with one of my eternal loves.

stationery 3stationery list

Next we have this super useful Home/Work Notepad from Knock Knock. What I love most about this is being able to write your lists simultaneously and then being able to rip off the work list and take it with you. This make it so easy to stick them up around your office or place on the fridge at home without the need for hundreds of different notepads. Also, if you’re anything like me, you’ll get real satisfaction when you get to tick off completed items.

Knock Knock seem to have a really fun range of items you can buy, it’s definitely a brand I’ll be getting more of in the future.

stationery expanding file

This Busy B Expanding File is the cutest piece of filing I’ve ever owned. It’s basically going to store all of my boring bills/important paperwork which sounds super dull. However, I just think if you have the do filing, at least make it pretty. The tiny dots on this are also gold foiled and I never could resist something shiny.

I also got a whole new selection of notebooks for me to draw/write/scribble in. First we have the Teal A5 Notebook by Go Stationery which is just such an amazing colour. It also has teal edged paper which makes it feel that extra bit special. Next is the ‘Let’s Do This’ Notebook which I got from TK Maxx. This is just so perfectly motivational and I love the classic vintage feel it gives off. TK Maxx and HomeSense often have the best hidden stationery gems.

Let's Dance

Last are the Cloud Exercise Books from my one true love, Paperchase. You get a set of two mini books, one with blue foil and one with pink. They might just be the cutest stationery I own. They’re also perfect for slipping into your handbag for those on-the-go notes. The Pug & Dance postcards I’ve featured are also from Paperchase. I just love Paperchase.

Anyway, hope that’s given you some stationery inspiration! Now, time for me to go colour in some postcards…

Eliza x

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