Blackbird Tea Rooms

It was my birthday last week and for one of my treats I visited Blackbird Tea Rooms in Brighton for some of the most delicious Cream Tea I’ve ever tasted.

Blackbird Tea Rooms

Located on Ship Street in the heart of Brighton, I must have walked past this place a million times. Fairly unassuming from the outside with a black exterior and simple gold lettering, Blackbird looks like it could have been here forever. Inside it stays true to this vintage feel with mountains of beautiful old tins stacked up on shelves and mismatched frames covering the walls. However instead of feeling like it’s trying to be vintage, Blackbird is unique in the sense that it feels extremely authentic. Nothing about it feels gimmicky, instead the place oozes of class and great service.

It was busy when we turned up and as you can’t book on weekends we were slightly apprehensive about getting a table. Luckily for us we managed to squeeze onto one next to the till, which was also a great place to watch the comings and goings of all the customers.

Blackbird Tea RoomsBlackbird Tea Rooms Scone

We ordered the Cream Tea which came with a pot of your own choice of tea, what felt like the worlds most generous fruit scone and the obvious cream and jam to smother it in. It genuinely might be the best scone I’ve ever tasted. To top it off the Earl Grey was superb and the staff were so helpful. The sugar cube tongs perched on every bowl were a particular little highlight for me.

They also have a garden out the back and more seating upstairs which I hope to experience next time we go. Looking through their menu made me want to try everything on it, with my fondness for dippy eggs and soldiers making it my next must try breakfast spot.

Blackbird Tea RoomsBlackbird Tea Rooms Cream TeaBlackbird Tea Rooms Staircase

With our empty plates we left very happy and I will definitely be back for more very very soon. The Afternoon Tea looks like something not to be missed and am anticipating dragging along everyone I know until I’ve sampled the entire menu.

Scones: 5/5
Tea Selection: 4/5

Eliza x

All Done!

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