Sorry for not posting for a while, but I’ve had the most insane few weeks of family occasions and a holiday to Austria. It has been nice to shut off from social media for a while though, a little break is good now and then!

I thought my first post back should be my holiday snaps from Austria! Such a stunning country, it might be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Now, these photos won’t be the best as I was under strict instructions to actually enjoy our holiday and not just document it, but I hope I’ve captured the highlights!

We spent the first half of our trip in a town near Salzburg, from which we ventured out to waterfalls, castles and ice caves. I also got my first ever caricature done in Salzburg (which I think is really good) but most importantly, we also went to visit the Sound of Music Pavilion. I know it’s basically just a glass greenhouse but it really took me back to watching that scene over and over as a child and it just felt a bit magical being able to stand in front of it. Our road trips involved lots of enthusiastic singing and a few grumbles from the front seats. On our drive back to Vienna for the second half of our trip we also stopped in Hallstatt, which is your classic picture perfect village they use for promoting Austria. This also happened to be the one day we had torrential rain, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

The second half was all about Vienna where my own personal highlight was the mammoth candy floss I got when we visited the Prater Funfair. It was also just a really lovely city with some beautiful architecture, particularly all of the palaces. The food portions were all completely massive and I think I’ve come home a stone heavier than when I left but that’s what holidays are all about.

My top 5 things to see in Austria: (in no particular order)

– pretty even in the rain
Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves
– warning: the cable car does not take you the whole way
Prater Funfair
– must-have purchase: candy floss
Krimml Waterfalls

– again, you have to walk quite a lot…
Sound of Music Pavilion

– singing highly recommended

Anyway, I’d massively recommend it. You should also try to not almost miss your flight out like we did…!

SalzburgMe & Adam in AustriaTrees & MountainsHohenwerfen CastleEisriesenwelt Ice CavesAustria Mix and Match

Eliza x

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