Lordington Lavender

Last Saturday I took my gran to Lordington Lavender, home of the only known Lavender Farm in West Sussex. They have a few open days once a year and after seeing the event advertised on Facebook, thought it’d be the perfect summer day activity. On the way back down the hill I even got my gran in the back of the very bumpy tractor pulled box, which I don’t think is an experience she’s going to forget in a hurry!

The lavender itself was just beautiful and so lovely to wander through, especially with the sun finally putting it’s hat on this summer! It felt really tranquil and calming to get out into the country and take in all the views and wildlife. Being a lavender field, I’m surprised I hadn’t anticipated the swarms of bees zooming round, but it turns out you didn’t need to worry about them – they really were more interested in the lavender!

Lordington LavenderMe & Gran - Lordington Lavender

The farm was established in 2002 and hosts 4 acres of Mailette lavender, a French Provencal variety famed for its high quality oil which they harvest once a year. My gran was very smug that when I finally googled whether it was English or French lavender and she’d had it correct. On top of their essential oil they also produce a good range of other products such as soaps, hand cream and room spray, which smelt simply amazing.

Lordington Lavender

Throughout the months of June and July when the lavender is in bloom, the field can also be hired out for events such as parties and weddings. I couldn’t think of a more beautiful and idyllic backdrop for a special day you want to remember. For the open days they had a little marquee selling cakes and drinks which was gladly welcomed after all our walking. I can only imagine what it would be like to have the whole place to yourself.

Suns out at Lordington Lavender

You’ll have to wait another year if you want to go on an open day but it’s just a great place to know about. But most of all, this Saturday was about spending some quality time with my gran and Lordington Lavender definitely delivered with some memories I’m sure I’m going to treasure.

Gran Friendly Rating: 9/10

Eliza x

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