The Prep Station

I noticed my dressing table was looking practically tidy today, so I got a few snaps before the moment passed and I drop foundation all over everything. This is a good example of how I love my dressing table to look: Tidy, but not too clinical. I love to be able to see the things I’m currently using a lot and have them all within easy grabbing distance, but everything else is kept out of sight. I can also be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to paper goods and my dressing room is where most of this ends up living. There are 2 reasons for this, the main one being that it makes the area feel really personal to me and partly because Adam gets annoyed when I start sticking random gift tags I like to the walls in the rest of the apartment.

I realised looking at the pictures when I was writing this that I’m apparently a bit obsessed with my own name. I blame this on never being able to buy anything with it on as a child. I missed out on years of dodgy souvenir keyrings, badges and magnets, which has obviously scarred me for life. FYI, things that say Elizabeth with the second half scribbled out just aren’t the same!

Fairy lights and rolls of random wrapping paper have always been staples of my prep stations, but having a dedicated little room has meant I now try to take a bit more care with what I put up. I’ll do another post about the rest of my dressing room, but for now this is a nice little insight into my daily routine and how I’m a complete sucker for a piece of pretty paper.

favourite item: childhood minnie mouse watch
want more: fairy lights
most used: bobbi brown intensive skin serum foundation

Eliza x

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