I popped into Bobbi Brown the other day and bought myself a couple of goodies! First, Smokey Eye Mascara. This is one of my absolute make-up staples as it lifts my lashes like no other. If you haven’t tried it, I would.

More excitingly though, I bought my first Bobbi lipstick. I’ve always been a bit shy of lipstick, but with my new blonder hair I felt I needed something brighter than my usual glosses to make sure I don’t look too washed out. With this in mind, I ran into the Brighton store and asked for some help choosing a colour, with not much more to go on than that I wanted something different! I ended up with Pink Lily, a beautiful bright pink violet which truly pops against my pale skin without looking tacky. It has such a lovely creamy matte texture which stayed on for hours, even after some cake and a cheeky afternoon prosecco. What makes me even happier is that this lipstick has been created to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday! Now all I need is a Corgi…

Eliza x

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