First stop for food is Tortilla, Brighton. By no means a little company, with 28 restaurants across the UK, this may seem like an odd choice to scream and shout about. However, for a really quick lunch/snack in the centre of Brighton, this really is my favourite destination. As quick as ordering McDonalds but 10 times as tasty, it wins every time.

Now, these tacos may not look the best. They’re unassuming in appearance and my server covered all the good looking stuff in lettuce, but that doesn’t really matter because they’re such a pleasure to eat (even when the salsa starts running down your arm). I chose chicken tacos stacked with fresh flavours of guac, zingy salsa, cheese, lettuce and a squeeze of lime, but they have so many more options. The interior also has a nice quirky feel that would fool you into thinking it isn’t part of a chain, with friendly staff and laid back vibes.

They also sell burritos, but I’ll always be a taco girl.

Eliza x

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