5 things that made me happy

Welcome to Don’t Faff.

5 things that made me happy this fortnight:

1. Real Sunshine
This week’s been beautiful. My freckles are all appearing and I love how much healthier I look in the summer.

2. Blonder Hair
If I’m honest, I wasn’t so keen at first as my hairdresser lightened it a bit more than I’d anticipated, but now I’ve got used to it I’m loving it.

3. Dr Blighty
This 10 minute show that lit up the Royal Pavilion in Brighton and remembered the Indian soldiers who fought during the First World War was truly spectacular.

4. Memory Lane
Nothing beats rifling through old photographs, especially ones kept in shoeboxes. There’s something magical that happens with a tangible photograph that you just don’t get on the screen.

5. Barcelona
Tapas, cocktails, sun and sand; Barcelona was a dream. It was such a wonderful city to explore, I can’t wait for another chance to go back in the future.

Eliza x

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